The roles we play (or are cast) to play in our families: Patterns that were passed on to us from our parents and the patterns that we might be setting our kids up for as they grow up.

Take Aways:

Episode 022 Impacts Of Family Patterns

  • If we don't point out these patterns to our kids, then they have a very high likelihood of repeating them.
  • The role my father was made to play in his family (by default)
  • The role my mother was cast in with her in-laws (my dad's parents) as a result
  • How that impacted me as a child and an adult
  • How that impacted who I chose to marry (hint, I repeated the pattern)
  • My dad's father did not have the awareness or the skills to address the issue with his wife
  • How the pattern changed when my dad's mother passed away (like flipping a switch)
  • How this caused disagreement and discord between my mother and father
  • What I want my kids to be aware of


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For better or worse, kids repeat the parenting patterns they experienced as children. We explain the parenting decisions we made and their intended outcomes to equip our children with an understanding of their default behaviors so they can better navigate the world and find success in life…


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