Several years ago, I recorded an interview with my father about a month after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. We discussed what it was like as a foreigner in the US in the 60's, as well as his take on where kids today (including my kids) need to direct their focus in order to have a chance at success. I provide my commentary on this old interview.

Summary and Notes

Episode 20: Parenting Lessons From My Dad

  • [00:01:09] How we repeat certain aspects of our parents' parenting styles without even knowing it… in this instance why my parents did not socialize much when I was little, but they do now.
  • [00:03:31] How I repeated that aspect of my parents' behavior without realizing it… until I listened to this interview with my dad for the second time
  • [00:03:46] Observations of unintended consequences of my dad's strong self-identify as an “American.”
  • [00:04:58] My observations on what my dad has to say about college for his grandkids & his work habits
  • [00:10:20] Start of Interview with my dad
  • [00:22:50] My dad provides an unexpected answer about assimilating to the culture at the time. This was the first time I realized this is what kept my folks (and also me) from socializing.
  • [00:32:06] My summary and concluding comments on the interview, some points of agreement and disagreement, and how all this applies to children today.



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For better or worse, kids repeat the parenting patterns they experienced as children. We explain the parenting decisions we made and their intended outcomes to equip our children with an understanding of their default behaviors so they can better navigate the world and find success in life…


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